Auto advance

The auto advance function provides the ability to have focus advance automatically to the next input field in the GUI when a user completely fills an input field. With this feature enabled, GUI focus behaves more like how cursor movement behaves in a typical terminal emulator; after a user has completely filled in a field on the host screen, the cursor automatically moves to the beginning of the next field. To enable this feature on every page of your ZIETrans application, in the Project Settings editor, on the Other tab, select Client Settings and select the Enable automatic field advance check box.

For Web applications, you can selectively disable this function for an individual transformation by adding the following lines just after the </ZIETrans:Form> tag in the transformation file. To selectively enable the function specify true instead of false.
autoAdvance = false;

For more information about the auto advance function, see the ZIETrans User's and Administrator's Guide.