Ordering and enabling your screen events

Your ZIETrans application checks each incoming host screen against an ordered list of screen events. It is essential to have the screen events for your project listed in the correct order. For example, you might have one screen event that recognizes a few specific screens, and a second one that recognizes a more general set of screens. If the second one is listed before the first, it might be applied to one of the screens to which you wanted to apply the first, more specific screen event.

You can reorder your screen events, or review the order in which they are checked, in the Project Settings editor. After you have created your project's screen events, double-click Project Settings in the ZIETrans Projects view. In the editor, click the Events tab. Review the list of screen events and use the Up and Down buttons if you want to change the order. The screen event that you want checked first should be at the top of the list.

You can use the check boxes next to each screen event in the list to enable or disable the screen event. When the box is selected, the screen event is active. If you clear the check box, the ZIETrans application will not use that screen event. Disabling some screen events can be useful during testing and debugging, and will improve performance if you have a lot of screen events that you do not use.
Note: You can also specify a prioritized list of Next Screens within a screen event to improve performance. For more information see the ZIETrans User's and Administrator's Guide.