Deploying ZIETrans Web applications

The terms ZIETrans Web application, WebSphere® application, and Java™ EE application can be used interchangeably to refer to a Web application created from a ZIETrans project. It is a ZIETrans Web application because it was developed in the ZIETrans Toolkit. It is a WebSphere application because it will be installed and run on WebSphere Application Server. It is a Java EE application because it conforms to the Java EE standards.

To deploy your ZIETrans Web application in a runtime environment you must:
  • Export your project as an application.
  • Install your application in a runtime environment.

The following sections summarize each of these tasks. For details about how to perform these tasks, see the section, Deploying ZIETrans Web applications, in the ZIETrans User's and Administrator's Guide.