Accessibility when using ZIETrans

Keep the following in mind when using ZIETrans:
  • Some configuration might be required to use a screen reader to read the host screen. For example, you may need to select the option Close default rendering table data and row tags in the Advanced rendering project settings. For more information see HTML tables in the Advanced rendering section in the ZIETrans User's and Administrator's Guide.
  • ZIETrans initially gives focus to the host transformation area when the ZIETrans application begins. However, if you have a template with navigational links across the top or down the left side, you may want to add at the beginning of the template a link to the beginning of the host transformation area. The purpose of this link is to enable users to quickly bypass all the navigational links to get to the main content of the host page. In the templates supplied by ZIETrans is example code (commented out) to provide such a link. Refer to the source for these templates for an example.
  • The ZIETrans preference, Alert recognition errors with audible alarm, allows you to specify that an audible alert (beep) be played when there is a recognition error, for example, on the Subfile component settings page. This is useful if the developer must be alerted to use screen reader software to read the message area. For information about where to set this preference, see the Using ZIETrans Preferences section in the ZIETrans User's and Administrator's Guide.
  • You must install the Java™ Access Bridge to use assistive technologies with the advanced macro editor. Follow the instructions provided with the Java Access Bridge to configure the JVM in which the advanced macro editor runs. For example, in Application Developer, configure the file typically located in the following path: <SDP_install_directory>\jdk\jre\lib.
  • If the screen reader encounters difficulty in reading some of the contents of an editor panel, you can switch to another perspective or reconfigure the screen reader.
  • When using JAWS while working in a ZIETrans project, JAWS may instruct you to use CTRL+TAB to move across pages. If this key sequence does not work within the ZIETrans toolkit, use the left and right arrow keys to move the focus from tab to tab.
  • The 5250 Subfile component settings wizard displays four tabs, Action, Header, Data, and Marker. Each tab is used to define the criteria for recognizing a particular element of the subfile. Icons on each tab indicate whether the element is recognized, unrecognized, or unknown. When using JAWS, these icons are voiced using their graphics character number. You can use the JAWS Graphics Labeler to assign labels to these icons as shown below:
    • Graphics 58: Unrecognized
    • Graphics 362: Unknown
    • Graphics 706: Recognized
  1. ZIETrans supports accessibility for Web applications only when using Internet Explorer.