Starting ZIETrans functions

ZIETrans Toolkit provides several ways to start each ZIETrans function. You can:
  • Right-click a ZIETrans resource in the ZIETrans Projects view and select the function you want from the pop-up menu.
  • Click a ZIETrans icon on the toolbar. These icons are described below.
  • Click the ZIETrans item on the menu bar and select from the list of available menu items.
  • Click a link on the Welcome page.
  • Click on the ZIETrans Tools item on the menu bar (used when editing a transformation for a Web application).
  • Click on an item from the Palette view (used when editing a transformation for Web applications.
  • Use the Properties view to edit components in a transformation.

In many cases, you can start a ZIETrans function in a way that creates linkage between ZIETrans resources. For example, you can create a screen customization based on a screen capture by right-clicking on the screen capture and selecting New ZIETrans > Screen Customization. The screen customization's properties will default to those of the screen capture.