Enabling Enhanced Non-Programmable Terminal User Interface (ENPTUI)

ENPTUI enables an enhanced user interface on non-programmable terminals (NPT) and programmable work stations (PWS) over the 5250 full-screen menu-driven interface, taking advantage of 5250 display data stream extensions. These extensions can be also accessed via the DDS programming interface. Graphical DDS keywords specify the GUI controls to be displayed.

ZIETrans recognizes these 5250 display data stream extensions when used, and renders them into appropriate GUI controls. The following subset of graphical DDS keywords are supported:
  • PSHBUTTON - Push Buttons
  • MLTCHCFLD - Check Boxes
  • SNGCHCFLD - Radio Buttons
  • SFLSNGCHC - Single-selection List box
  • SFLMLTCHC - Multiple-selection List box
  • WINDOW - Popup Window
  • MNUBAR - Menu Bar
  • PULLDOWN - Pull-down Menus

For more information about ENPTUI support, refer to the ZIETrans User's and Administrator's Guide.