Where can I find information about ZIETrans?

The following ZIETrans information is available before you install ZIETrans:
  • Below ZIETrans documentation is available to help you get started with Z and I Emulator for Transformation:
    • Release Notes
    • Getting Started (pdf)
  • The ZIETrans Infocenter at https://zietrans.hcldoc.com/help/index.jsp includes information from the Release Notes, frequently asked questions (FAQs), API reference information, tutorials, and HTML and PDF versions of the documents listed below.
    • ZIETrans Getting Started
    • ZIETrans User's and Administrator's Guide
    • ZIETrans Web Application Programmer's Guide
    • ZIETrans Advanced Macro Guide
    • ZIETrans Messages
    • ZIETrans Troubleshooting
  • The HCL Product Support Web site at https://www.hcltech.com/software/support includes additional product information such as feature overview, trial download, system requirements, and more.
In addition to the information available before installing ZIETrans, the following information is available on the system after installing ZIETrans:
  • Links to the ZIETrans Web site (Infocenter), and Release Notes are available on the Windows Start menu.
  • ZIETrans documentation is available from the Help menu on the Rational® SDP menu bar. Select Help > Help Contents and in the Contents panel select Developing ZIETrans Applications.
  • The ZIETrans Welcome page tutorial guides you through the process of developing a ZIETrans application.
  • Context-sensitive help is available on all fields in the ZIETrans wizards and editors. Press the F1 key to see help in the ZIETrans Toolkit.
  • Tips are provided at key points in the process of developing a ZIETrans project. You can control whether you want to see tips by modifying ZIETrans preferences.