Customizing your ZIETrans project

After following the steps in Creating a basic ZIETrans project, you have a ZIETrans project that looks a lot like the original host application. Now it's time to customize the project. By performing customization, you can:
  • Give the GUI an appearance that appeals to your users and is compatible with your company's image. For example, you can add your company name and logo and create a navigation area. See Updating your project's template.
  • Display data from the host screens in a way that is tailored to the users of your particular application. See Working with transformations.
  • Convert text strings from the host to different strings in the GUI. For example, field labels or prompts can be converted, if necessary, to be more understandable to the user. See Replacing text strings from the host screen.

There are other, advanced customization tasks you can do as well. They are summarized in Performing other customization tasks and described more fully in the ZIETrans User's and Administrator's Guide, and the ZIETrans Web Application Programmer's Guide.