Installing ZIETrans Toolkit

To install ZIETrans Toolkit:
  1. Verify that your system meets all the prerequisites. For more information see Prerequisites.
  2. ZIETrans is structured as an Eclipse offering that is installed to a Rational® SDP system using IBM® Installation Manager.
  3. If you are installing from a CD and autorun is enabled, then the launchpad starts automatically when you insert the installation disk into your CD drive. If autorun is not enabled, or if you are installing from an electronic image, run the launchpad.exe program located in the root directory of the CD or located in the root directory of the extracted electronic image of the installation disk.
  4. Select the language for the launchpad. Click OK.
  5. The HCL ZIETrans V1.0 window appears. From this window you can install the product and view release information. Be sure to click Release Notes to review last-minute information.
  6. When you are ready to install ZIETrans Toolkit, click Install HCL ZIETrans V1.0 which launches the IBM Installation Manager.
    Note: If IBM Installation Manager is not installed an error message is displayed.
  7. The IBM Installation Manager window appears.
  8. On the Install Packages panel, the box for HCL ZIETrans is selected for you. Click Next.
    Note: An error message is displayed if the required level of IBM Installation Manager is not installed.
  9. On the Licenses panel, read and accept the terms in the license agreement, and click Next.
  10. On the Location panel, under Package Group Name, select the package group where you want to install ZIETrans, for example IBM Software Delivery Platform, and click Next.
    Note: You must select an existing package group where you have installed the prerequisite software delivery products.
  11. On the Features panel, in addition to ZIETrans, you can select for installation the following ZIETrans features. Click Next.
    1. You can install these features at a later time by using the Modify function of IBM Installation Manager.
    2. For prerequisite information see Prerequisites.
  12. On the Summary panel, click Install.
  13. You will see a progress bar as the installation proceeds and Start menu items are created.
  14. On the Install Packages panel, you are informed if the installation was completed successfully. If necessary, you can click View Log File to view the installation log. Click Finish to close the installation panel.
  1. All languages supported by ZIETrans and the ZIETrans features are installed during the installation process.
  2. ZIETrans cannot be installed at the same time you install the prerequisite level of Rational SDP and features. You must complete the installation of the prerequisite level of Rational SDP and features before installing ZIETrans.