License terms and troubleshooting

  • Borrow-Interval and license re-issue :

    This parameter is set in the license request to return license automatically after the borrow-interval is reached, and will be useful in ensuring that any abnormal termination of ZIETrans will result in automatically returning the license. After the borrow-interval is reached, session will request for a re-issue of license. The default value for borrow-interval in HCL ZIETrans is 30m. However, this can be customized by users by configuring the runtime properties with a new value to match the user’s session parameters, i.e, if the session is expected to be active for 10 hours, the borrow interval should be set to 10h.

  • Re-issue of the License :

    When the license is returned to the license server after the borrow-interval is finished, ZIETrans runtime can re-issue the license when it identifies the corresponding session is still active.