Enable Runtime Licensing in ZIETrans

To enable runtime licensing in HCL ZIETrans, follow the below steps::
  1. Start the ZIETrans Toolkit.
  2. Create a new ZIETrans Project.
  3. In the ZIETrans project’s ear file available under ear home, open the runtime properties.
  4. Users must update the Flexera license properties in the corresponding runtime properties file, based on the mode in which the Server is started, to obtain the Licenses.
    1. If the Server is started in the Run mode, the runtime.properties file needs to be updated.
    2. If the Server is started in the Debug mode, the runtime-debug.properties file needs to be updated.
  5. Deploy the ZIETrans Project after completion of the above steps to obtain the licenses.
  6. Start a session in browser.
  7. The project pages open successfully after checking out the license.