Developing a ZIETrans project

There are different paths you can take when building a ZIETrans application. You might want to build an application that allows an end-user to navigate the host screens in an emulator-like fashion, or you might want to build an application that uses Integration Objects to collect data from the host and present that data on a Web page. You can even combine host screen navigation in the GUI with host data collection using Integration Objects in one Web application.

You can see step-by-step examples of ZIETrans screen navigation and ZIETrans Integration Objects in the ZIETrans Tutorials section of the ZIETrans Infocenter located at

The procedures in this section will guide you through the process of developing an example ZIETrans project. The procedures include information about both ZIETrans Web projects. As you follow the procedures, you will perform these steps:
  1. Create a ZIETrans project, with default values, using a wizard in the ZIETrans Toolkit.
  2. Test the project using the local test environment.
  3. Make changes to the project. This process is known as customization. Common customization tasks are described in Customizing your ZIETrans project.
  4. Test the project again, and do more customization.
  5. Export the project to an application and transfer it to a production environment. These steps are described in Preparing your ZIETrans project for use as an application.