Starting ZIETrans Toolkit and perspective

The ZIETrans Toolkit can be started two ways.
  • Start Rational® SDP from the Windows start menu and then open the ZIETrans perspective.
  • Start ZIETrans Toolkit from the Windows start menu to start Rational SDP and automatically open the ZIETrans perspective.
    1. The ZIETrans Toolkit start menu item is located in the HCL ZIETrans V1.0 group under the Rational SDP profile in which you have installed ZIETrans.
    2. When you use the ZIETrans Toolkit start menu item, the ZIETrans Toolkit starts in the language installed for Rational SDP, assuming the ZIETrans Toolkit is translated in the same language. When installed on an Arabic translation of Rational SDP, two ZIETrans Toolkit start menu items are provided, ZIETrans Toolkit (Arabic), which starts the Arabic translation of ZIETrans Toolkit, and ZIETrans Toolkit (English), which starts the English translation of ZIETrans Toolkit. For more information see the chapter, Language support, in the ZIETrans User's and Administrator's Guide.
The ZIETrans perspective includes two main areas:
  • The ZIETrans Projects view, which lists your ZIETrans projects in an expandable tree view.
    A text filter entry field is provided to aid you in searching for ZIETrans artifacts. An asterisk (*) can be used as a wild card to represent parts of the resource name. For example, using a filter of *.css or *css returns the same matches.
    1. A wildcard is appended to the end of the text that you enter into the filter field. For example, if you enter *.j in the filter field, an asterisk is appended to the *.j, resulting in a filter of *.j*. This filter would show you all .jsp and .jpg files.
    2. Filtering is not case-sensitive.
    3. To clear the text in the filter field, click the x beside the filter entry field.
  • The editor window, which initially contains the ZIETrans Welcome page. You will also use editors in this window to work with ZIETrans resources. Below and to the right of the editor are views that aid in editing resources in the editor.

The Navigator view, which is a default view in Rational SDP, provides a hierarchical view of the resources in the workbench including project .ear files and other local artifacts. It also displays closed (or archived) ZIETrans projects that do not display in the ZIETrans Projects view. These closed projects can be re-opened by right-mouse clicking and selecting Open Project.

The first time you start the ZIETrans Toolkit, you will see a ZIETrans tip, welcoming you to ZIETrans and giving pointers about getting started. You can use the check boxes on the tip windows to control which tips you see.

If you start Rational SDP and the ZIETrans perspective does not appear, you can open the ZIETrans perspective by clicking Window > Open Perspective > Other and selecting Z and I Emulator for Transformation from the list of available perspectives. If you close or rearrange some of the windows in the ZIETrans perspective, your arrangement is saved when you exit. When you return to ZIETrans Toolkit, it will be restored to your last successfully saved exit configuration. To restore the original ZIETrans windows, click Window > Reset Perspective.