Uninstalling ZIETrans Toolkit

When you uninstall the ZIETrans package, the ZIETrans Toolkit and all installed features are uninstalled.

When you uninstall ZIETrans Toolkit, the files for your ZIETrans projects and their resources are not deleted. If you re-install ZIETrans Toolkit you are able to work with projects you have previously created. To delete your ZIETrans project files, delete each project before you uninstall ZIETrans. If you want to delete ZIETrans project files after uninstalling ZIETrans, go to the workspace directory on the file system and delete the ZIETrans project files.

To uninstall ZIETrans Toolkit:
  1. You must be logged on with Administrator privileges.
  2. Close the ZIETrans perspective and exit from Rational® SDP.
    Note: When you start Rational SDP, it always tries to reopen the last perspective that was open. To avoid error messages, before you uninstall ZIETrans, close the ZIETrans perspectives before you exit Rational SDP. If ZIETrans were the last perspective open when you uninstall ZIETrans, Rational SDP will issue error messages because it cannot find the files necessary to reopen the perspective. If this occurs, change the perspective, the errors do not harm anything.
  3. Start the IBM® Installation Manager from the Start menu.
  4. On the IBM Installation Manager panel, click Uninstall.
  5. On the Uninstall Packages panel, select the HCL ZIETrans package and click Next.
  6. On the Summary panel, click Uninstall.
  7. You will see a progress bar as the installation program uninstalls ZIETrans and the Start menu items.
  8. On the Uninstall Packages panel, you are informed if the uninstallation was completed successfully. If necessary, you can click View Log File to view the uninstall log. Click Finish to close the Uninstall Packages panel.