Introducing the Rational SDP environment

All of the steps in developing a ZIETrans application are performed using the Eclipse-based IBM® Rational® Software Delivery Platform (Rational SDP). The Rational SDP provides the user interface and integrated development environment (IDE) from which you launch wizards to create resources, view lists of resources, and use editors to modify resources. It also contains help information about both ZIETrans and Rational SDP.

When you start Rational SDP, you see a single window in which one or more perspectives are displayed. A perspective is a collection of views and editors that allow you to create, edit, view, and run resources which belong to a specific type of project—in this case a ZIETrans project. More than one perspective can be open at a time, although you can view and work with only one at a time.

At the far right of the Rational SDP window is a shortcut bar that allows you to open new perspectives and move between perspectives that are already open. The name of the active perspective appears in the title of the window, and the toolbar contains icons associated with the active perspective.

If you are not familiar with the Eclipse-based Rational SDP environment, refer to the Eclipse Help site at Start with the Basic tutorial in the Getting started section of the Workbench User Guide.