Communication states

You can specify any of the states listed in the Connection Status list box. Table 1 lists the name and significance of each state:
Table 1. Communication states
Communication state: Significance:
Connection Initiated Initial state. Start Communications issued.
Connection Pending Active Request socket connect.
Connection Active Socket connected. Connection with host.
Connection Ready Telnet negotiation has begun.
Connection Device Name Ready Device name negotiated.
Connection Workstation ID Ready Workstation ID negotiated.
Connection Pending Inactive Stop Communications issued.
Connection Inactive Socket closed. No connection with host.
The stable states (that is, the ones that usually persist for more than a few seconds) are:
  • Connection Inactive - Here the session is completely disconnected
  • Connection Workstation ID Ready - Here the session is completely connected

If you select <Expression> in the Connection Status list box, then you must specify an expression that resolves to one of the keywords that the macro runtime expects to find in the value attribute of the <commwait> element (see <commwait> element). For example, you might specify a variable named $strCommState$) that resolves to CONNECTION_READY.

For more information, see Comm wait action (<commwait> element).