Specify the variable in which you want the text to be stored

Set the check box labeled Assign Text Plane to a Variable and enter the name of the variable into which you want the text to be stored. The text is returned as a string. In most cases you probably want to store the string in a string variable, so that some other action in your macro can process the string.

However, if you specify a variable of some other standard data type (boolean, integer, double) then the macro runtime converts the string to the format of the variable, if possible. For example, if the text on the screen is 1024 and the variable is an integer variable then the macro runtime will convert the string 1024 to the integer 1024 and store the value in the integer variable. If the format is not valid for converting the string to the data type of the variable then the macro runtime terminates the macro with a run time error. For more information about data conversion see Automatic data type conversion.