Location at which typing begins

Use the row and column fields to specify the row and column location in the host terminal at which you want the input sequence to begin. For example, if you specify row 23 and column 17 in the Input action, and you specify Hello world as the String value of the Input action, then (assuming that the location you have specified lies within an input field) the macro runtime types the key sequence Hello world on the host terminal starting at row 23 and column 17.

If you specify a row or column location of 0, then the macro runtime will type the key sequence beginning at the actual row and column location of the text cursor on the host terminal when the Input action is performed. You should not specify a row or column of 0 unless the context is one in which the location of the text cursor does not matter or unless you can predict where the text cursor will be located (for example, if a Mouse click action has just moved the text cursor to a specific location, or if the application has positioned the text cursor as part of displaying the application screen).