PlayMacro action (<playmacro> element)

The PlayMacro action launches another macro.

This action can be specified using the VME, see Play macro action, and using the AME, see Playmacro action.

When the macro runtime performs a PlayMacro action, it terminates the current macro (the one in which the PlayMacro action occurs) and begins to process the specified macro screen of the target macro. This process is called chaining. The calling macro is said to "chain to" the target macro. There is no return to the calling macro.

You must specify in the PlayMacro action the name of the target macro and, optionally, the name of the macro screen in the target macro that you want the macro runtime to process first.

You can have the macro runtime transfer all of the variables with their contents from the calling macro to the target macro.

For more information, see <playmacro> element