Parts of the prompt window

You should type the prompt text (such as 'Please type your password:') into the Prompt Name field, not into the Prompt Text field. (The Prompt Text field is an optional field than you can use to store a note containing details about the particular Prompt action.)

The macro runtime displays a prompt window with the following characteristics:
  • The prompt window appears on top of the session window and is located in the center of the system's desktop window.
  • The title of the prompt window is the value of the Prompt Title field unless that field is blank or there are multiple prompts in the macro and the macro is configured to show all prompts at the start of the macro. In those two instances, the title of the prompt window will be "Prompt".
  • The message that you typed into the Prompt Name field is displayed in the center of the prompt window, followed by an input field.
  • A button row across the bottom of the prompt window contains three buttons:
    • The OK button causes the macro runtime to process the contents of the input field.
    • The Cancel button halts the macro.
    • The Help button displays help text explaining how to use the prompt window.