Advanced Macro Editor

The Advanced Macro Editor (AME) gives you the ability to set macro and screen-level attributes, edit screen descriptions; and add actions, links (next screen connections), and variables.

The basic Macro Editor can be opened by right-clicking on the macro and selecting Open With -> Macro Editor. The Advanced Macro Editor can then be opened from the Macro Editor Overview page. Prompts and Extracts can also still be edited from the Macro Editor.

If you open a macro with the Macro Editor, instead of with the VME, then the Macro Editor becomes the default editor for that macro (only that macro).

Note: Support for the Macro Editor and the Advanced Macro Editor is deprecated in HCL ZIETrans V1.0. While support continues for now, HCL reserves the right to remove these capabilities in a subsequent release of the product. This support is replaced by the Visual Macro Editor.