Visual Macro Editor

The Visual Macro Editor (VME) gives you the ability to visually develop HCL ZIETrans macros. The VME combines many of the features of the HCL ZIETrans host terminal, basic Macro Editor, and Advanced Macro Editor, and allows for offline development of macros. It also allows flows to be copied between macros and provides drag-and-drop support for adding new screens.

The VME is the default editor for HCL ZIETrans macros.

The Macro Editor can still be opened by right-clicking on the macro and selecting Open With -> Macro Editor. The Advanced Macro Editor can still be opened from the Macro Editor Overview page. Prompts and Extracts can also still be edited from the Macro Editor.

Note: Support for the Macro Editor and the Advanced Macro Editor is deprecated in HCL ZIETrans V1.0. While support continues for now, HCL reserves the right to remove these capabilities in a subsequent release of the product. This support is replaced by the Visual Macro Editor.