Default screen recognition criteria

When the Add Screen wizard is used to add a screen to the macro, using the palette or the integrated terminal, you have the option to save the screen recognition criteria as the default recognition criteria for all screens added to the macro using the palette, the integrated terminal, or by dragging a screen capture. To specify this option, select the Remember criteria for next time check box on the Screen Recognition Criteria panel.

This feature is useful when many screens share the same recognition criteria. For example, if all your screens have a five character name or code at the upper left corner that uniquely identifies the screen, you can configure default recognition criteria so that every new screen recorded or added to the macro uses string recognition at that area of the screen. This saves time by not requiring you to configure recognition criteria on every screen.

There is only one default recognition criteria saved for the whole project, and it applies to all macros in the project.

The default recognition criteria is overridden by the last screen recognition criteria defined with the Remember criteria for next time check box selected.

When a default recognition criteria is defined, it is applied every time the Add Screen wizard is started and is also adjusted to the screen capture associated with the new screen.