Source tab

The Source tab enables you to modify the macro XML source. It is required for advanced editing, such as adding custom screen recognition criteria.

The VME uses the Host On-Demand <comment> tag to keep information like location of the macro screen on the canvas and the associated screen capture.

The <comment> tag can also be used by developers to add a comment to a screen. Another way to add a comment is to use the format : <!– this is a comment–>. To avoid losing a developer's pre-existing comments, the VME converts text found in the <comment> tag that it does not recognize, for example, that does not contain any of the keywords like visualinfo, into a comment for the screen using the <!– –> format.

If there are syntax errors in the macro, then error markers appear when the macro is saved. Markers appear in the source and in the Problems view. Source errors prevent the macro canvas from showing, and an error message is displayed instead. If this occurs, switch to the Source tab and correct the errors.

By default, content assistance is enabled for all macros in the project. While editing a macro on the Source tab, press Crtl+Space to invoke content assistance. You can configure which macros in the project provide content assistance. For instructions, see Macro Content Assistance.