Recognition limit

The recognition limit allows you to take some sort of action if the macro runtime processes a particular macro screen too many times. If the macro runtime does process the same macro screen a large number of times (such as 100), then the reason is probably that an error has occurred in the macro and that the macro is stuck in an endless loop.

The recognition limit is not an attribute in the begin tag of the <screen> element, but rather a separate element (the <recolimit> element) that optionally can occur inside a <screen> element, on the same level as the <description>, <actions>, and <nextscreens> elements.

The <recolimit> element can be added using the Set Recognition Limit check box and the Screens Before Error input field both the VME and AME, see Screens tab.

When the recognition limit is reached, the macro runtime either terminates the macro with an error message (this is the default action) or starts processing another macro screen that you specify.

You should notice that the recognition limit applies to one particular screen and that by default it is not specified. You can specify a recognition limit for any macro screen, and you can specify the same or a different recognition limit value for each macro screen in which you include it.