<customreco> element

This <customreco> element allows you to call custom description code.

The steps for creating a custom descriptor are as follows:
  1. Choose a string to identify the custom description, such as MyCustomDescriptor01. An identifier is required because you can have several types of custom descriptions.
  2. Implement the ECLCustomRecoListener interface. In the doReco() method:
    1. Add code to check the identification string to verify that it is yours.
    2. Add your custom description code.
    3. Return true if the custom description is satisfied or false if it is not.
  3. Use the source view to add a <customreco> element to the <description> element of the macro screen. The <customreco> element must specify the identifier you chose in step 2.

The macro runtime performs the <customreco> element after performing all the other descriptors.