The pause attribute

If you want a longer or shorter pause between actions for a particular macro screen, or if you have only a few macro screens in which a pause between actions is important, then you can use the pause attribute of the <screen> element.

By default, this attribute is not specified.

If you specify this attribute for a macro screen, then the macro runtime uses the specified number of milliseconds for the pause between actions for this particular macro screen.

For example, if for ScreenA you set the pause attribute to 500 milliseconds, then the macro runtime waits 250 milliseconds after each Input action and Prompt action in ScreenA except the last one, and waits 500 milliseconds after the last action in ScreenA.

When the macro runtime processes a macro screen with the pause attribute of the <screen> element specified, it ignores the setting of the pausetime attribute of the <HAScript> element , and uses only the value in the pause attribute.