HPS5137   Checkin screen did not match current PS. Connection = {0} ECL error = {1} Screen description = {2} Screen dump = {3}


While verifying the state of the connection, it was found that the current screen of the application does not match the expected screen for the host connection to be returned to the connection pool.

User response

Examine your macros to see if the screen that is in the log for this error message could have appeared after a normal execution of a data macro of an Integration Object (the last one in a chain, if chained). If so, your checkin screen description defined by the application is incorrect. This can occur if you choose screen recognition criteria which inadequately describe the screen state of the Integration Object when the connection is to be released. The checkin screen is the last screen of the connect macro if one exists, or the first screen of the data macro (of the first Integration Object in a chain, if chained).