HPS5145   Cannot connect to the host using SSL. If importing a certificate is required for this SSL connection, make sure that it has been imported from the Telnet server into a valid PKCS12 file, and that the password (SSLP12Password) and path (SSLP12FilePath) for the PKCS12 file are specified correctly. The session properties are: {0}


The application was unable to connect to the host using SSL. Possible causes may be that the certificate is incorrect, the application was unable to locate and open the keystore file, or the connection could not be made to the host (Telnet server) specified in the connection specification file. The {0} lists the session properties.

User response

Check that the application can load the certificate. Verify that the path specified for the PKCS12 file points to a valid PKCS12 file accessible by the application. Verify that the password specified is correct for the PKCS12 file. Also check that the correct certificate is available in the keystore file.

In addition to the checks suggested above, examine the host name and port number for the Telnet server that is in the connection specification file for this application. Check that TCP/IP connectivity to the Telnet server is available using the ping program. If that succeeds, then use an emulator for the right terminal type and check if the Telnet server is operational.