HPS5950   {0}: {1}: {2}: HPubEJB2_Reference={3}, JNDI_NAME={4}, PROVIDER_URL={5}, INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY={6}


The EJB Access bean was unable to locate or connect to the HCL ZIETrans EJB with the specified JNDI_NAME.

User response

Check the following related messages for additional detail on the problem. Verify that the HPubEJB2_Reference, JNDI_NAME and PROVIDER_URL of the HCL ZIETrans EJB are correct, and modify the .war module's deployment descriptor or Access bean .jar .properties file with the correct values. Verify that the module containing the HCL ZIETrans EJB is installed and started on the target application server with the same JNDI name; correct if necessary.