ZTR0004    Failure in loading private key specified in the path {0}. Verify the valid private key file exists in the path given for {1} in runtime properties. For more information on licensing enablement, see the InfoCenter at ({2}).\nError message : {3}.


Private key may not be present in the path or key is corrupted. If the value is not provided for<user.home>//PrivateKey.pem, the default value is assigned.

{0} Value of the flx_PrivateKey_Absolute_Path parameter in runtime.properties file.

{1} flx_PrivateKey_Absolute_Path - name of the runtime properties parameter which is incorrect.

{2} is the address of the Information Center.

{3} error message in detail

User response

Configure the right PrivateKey file path for flx_PrivateKey_Absolute_Path in runtime.properties.