Accessing javax.servlet classes

In order to provide a consistent set of APIs for Web application developers, some ZIETrans APIs were generalized so they would work in a Web environment.

The getRequest() method on this interface returns a object. In a Web application, this object will be of type WebRequest has similar methods to HttpServletRequest, but does not extend from it. To access the actual HttpServletRequest object from a WebRequest object, the getHttpServletRequest() method can be called.
Table 1. Javax.servlet class plus ZIETrans class plus the method to access
javax.servlet Class + Wrapper ZIETrans Class + Method to access
HttpServletRequest WebRequest.getHttpServletRequest()
HttpServletResponse WebResponse.getHttpServletResponse()
ServletContext WebContext.getServletContext()
ServletConfig WebConfig.getServletConfig()
See the Javadoc API for IBusinessLogicInformation for more information and code samples.