Creating plug-ins for Web Express Logon

The Web Express Logon feature of ZIETrans enables you to accept network security credentials and use them to generate and use host credentials, freeing your users from the requirement to navigate host logon screens. Web Express Logon accomplishes this by the use of two types of plug-ins:
  • The Network Security plug-in retrieves the user's credentials from a network security application.
  • The Credential Mapper plug-in uses the credentials that are returned by the Network Security plug-in to retrieve the host user ID and acquire the host access credentials.

ZIETrans supplies several Network Security plug-ins and Credential Mapper plug-ins. If the plug-ins that are supplied with ZIETrans do not meet your needs, you can create your own plug-ins and integrate them into Web Express Logon. For example, if you need to access a different type of database where your credentials are stored, you can write your own plug-in.