Database Access Integration Object methods

These methods can be used in Database Access Integration Objects that you created with Host Publisher and imported into ZIETrans. They cannot be used with Host Access Integration Objects created with Host Publisher, and they cannot be used with Integration Objects that were created in &studio. Refer to the Rational® SDP documentation for information about accessing databases.
java.lang.String getHPubWarningOccurred()
Returns a nonzero value that indicates that a warning has occurred.
java.sql.SQLWarning getHPubSQLWarningException()
Returns a SQLWarning object of the warning that occurred; valid only if HPubWarningOccurred is nonzero.
java.sql.SQLException getHPubSQLErrorException()
Returns a SQL Exception object of the error that occurred; valid only if HPubErrorOccurred is nonzero and HPubErrorMessage indicates an SQL error.