DTD of XML data that is returned by getHPubXMLProperties() method

When an XML style sheet is not applied to Integration Object output, the XML data is returned with the following document type definition (DTD):
<?xml version=\"1.0\" standalone=\"yes\"?>
<!DOCTYPE com.ibm.HostPublisher.IntegrationObject.properties [
<!ELEMENT com.ibm.HostPublisher.IntegrationObject.properties 
             (inputProperties, outputProperties)>
<!ATTLIST com.ibm.HostPublisher.IntegrationObject.properties name CDATA "">
<!ELEMENT inputProperties (inputProperty*)>
<!ELEMENT inputProperty (value)>
<!ATTLIST inputProperty name CDATA "">
<!ELEMENT outputProperties (outputProperty*)>
<!ELEMENT outputProperty (value*)>
<!ATTLIST outputProperty name CDATA "" type (singlevalue|multivalue) 'multivalue'>
<!ELEMENT value (#PCDATA)>