Customizing Integration Object Java code

When you create an Integration Object from a macro or when ZIETrans creates an Integration Object automatically when you save a macro, ZIETrans uses Integration Object templates to create the Integration Object. These templates contain the Java™ code that is included in each Integration Object.

ZIETrans enables you to modify how an Integration Object interacts with the underlying subsystems, at the Java code level, to perform additional functions.

There are two types of Java coding templates: default templates and customizable templates. The templates are stored in
where shared_install_directory is the shared resources directory where you installed the ZIETrans offering using IBM® Installation Manager and nnn is the version and build level of ZIETrans.

The default templates are HPubTemplateHODBean.Default and HPubTemplateHODBeanInfo.Default. The customizable templates are HPubTemplateHODBean.Customize and HPubTemplateHODBeanInfo.Customize. The default templates contain Java code that is independent of the ZIETrans and Host On-Demand code. Integration Objects that are created using the default templates do not need to be recompiled and redeployed if the ZIETrans or Host On-Demand code changes for enhancements or service.

The default templates call methods from the superclass. The customizable templates contain the methods, which you can customize. You can modify the HPubTemplateHODBean.Customize template to add function to your Integration Objects. For example, you might want to find out not just the text on the host screen, but also its characteristics, such as color or highlighting.

The customizable templates contain substantial Java code that interacts with the ZIETrans code, Host On-Demand objects, events, and other Java constructs. These templates enable you to modify an Integration Object to perform additional functions. Integration Objects that are created using the customizable templates contain code that directly interacts with the ZIETrans and Host On-Demand code and implements much of the data processing. If any ZIETrans or Host On-Demand code changes affect the code contained in the Integration Object, the Integration Object might have to be recompiled and redeployed.

The templates that are used by ZIETrans are different from those that are used by Host Publisher. If you modified an Integration Object template in Host Publisher, you must make the same changes to the templates that are provided by ZIETrans and recreate your Integration Objects in order to achieve the same functions in your Integration Objects. When you import or migrate a Host Publisher Integration Object that was created with a modified template, or an application using such an Integration Object, you will see a message indicating that the Java bean was created from a customized template.