Choosing Integration Object templates

If you do not need to modify how Integration Objects interact with ZIETrans or the operating environment, always use the default templates, HPubTemplateHODBean.Default and HPubTemplateHODBeanInfo.Default. You do not need to take any action to use these templates, unless you have previously selected a different template.

If you want Integration Objects to perform additional functions, make a copy of the HPubTemplateHODBean.Customize and HPubTemplateHODBeanInfo.Customize templates and rename them. Modify the new template files to add Java™ code for the functions you want the Integration Objects to perform.

If you use either the customizable templates or renamed copies of the templates, you must tell ZIETrans which templates to use when creating Integration Objects. To select Integration Object templates in ZIETrans Toolkit, click Window > Preferences. Expand ZIETrans and click Integration Object. Browse to locate the Integration Object templates you want to use.