For the class, name specifies a customizable setting for the ZIETrans application automatic disconnect and refresh implementation methods, Client pull (AJAX) and Server push (applet). The following settings can be used to configure the Client pull (AJAX) method, including the auto-disconnect and auto-refresh functions. These settings are supported for ZIETrans Web applications.
Effective when the enable setting is ajax and the browserDisconnectEnabled setting is true. The time in milliseconds to wait before performing the auto-disconnect function. The minimum value is 2000 milliseconds (2 seconds). The default is 15000 milliseconds (15 seconds).
If the enable setting is ajax, and if this setting is true, enables the auto-disconnect function. If enabled, the ZIETrans application initiates a disconnect action if the client has not polled the ZIETrans application within the time specified by the browserDisconnectDelay setting.
Effective when the enable setting is ajax. The interval in milliseconds at which the browser will poll the ZIETrans application to restart the browserDisconnectDelay timer, if enabled, and check for host screen updates. The minimum value is 1000 milliseconds (1 second). If browserDisconnectEnabled is true, then the poll interval value must be less than the value in the browserDisconnectDelay setting by at least 1000 milliseconds (1 second). The default is 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds).
Note: If an HTTP session idle timeout is configured, browser polling of the ZIETrans application effectively disables the HTTP session idle timeout functionality. Because of this, the ZIETrans runtime takes responsibility for monitoring the HTTP session idle timeout period and initiates a disconnect of the ZIETrans session when no user activity is seen before the idle time is exceeded.
If the enable setting is ajax, and if this setting is true, enables the auto-refresh function. If enabled, the browser initiates a refresh of the screen if there has been no user input and the poll response indicates that the host screen has changed.
Use this setting to configure which automatic disconnect and refresh method to use. Specify ajax to configure the Client pull (AJAX) methods, auto-disconnect and auto-refresh. Specify true to configure the Server push (applet) method, also known as the asynchronous applet update method. Specify false to disable both of the methods. The default is false.
Refer to Using the server push (applet) method for a description of the settings for the Server push (applet) method.