For the class, name specifies a customizable setting:
Specifies whether keyboard support is available in the project. When keyboard support is enabled, end users can use the physical keyboard keys to interact with the host. The end user can press certain physical keys that have been mapped to host aid keys, such as the F1, SYSREQ, RESET, or ATTN keys. The end user can toggle keyboard support to be disabled if he wants to use a mapped physical keyboard key to interact with the browser.
Note: This must be set to true to turn on the wizard that allows the ZIETrans theme to change from the default emulator style to a modern application style.
If true, the initial state of the host keyboard is on (the user can interact with the application using the physical keyboard).
If true, all mapped keys are supported, regardless of what buttons or links are displayed. If false:
  • If there are no recognized host functions displayed in the current page as buttons or links, support all mapped host functions.
  • If there are any recognized host function buttons or links, support only those host functions.