Screen combination files (.evnt)

The screen combination files defines how a host screen is recognized, the actions ZIETrans performs when a screen is recognized, how to define the end of the screen combination, and how to navigate between screens. The screen combination (.evnt) files are stored in the project_name/Web Content/WEB-INF/profiles/events/screencombinations directory. You can view and edit the source of the screen combination files by double-clicking on the name of the screen combination in the ZIETrans Projects view to open the screen combination editor. The source for the file can be viewed by clicking on the Source tab. You can modify screen combination files using the Begin Screen, Render, Navigation, End Screen, Actions, Text replacement, or Source tabs in the editor. ZIETrans Toolkit updates the affected information on other tabs when you make changes on any tab. The screen combination event files contain tags to define how a host screen is recognized and the actions and navigations that will occur when the host screen is recognized.

Screen combination adds several tags to those found in screen customization (.evnt) files.