Creating a Top-down Web service that includes Integration Objects

Your development task may involve creating a top-down Web service, where you have been given a WSDL that has the specified signature of the Web service. Your task is to create the Web service implementation, part of which involves interacting with an existing terminal application.

If the input parameters in the WSDL either contain the required input properties for an Integration Object, or based on the input parameters, you can write code that will set the required Integration Object input properties, you can use Integration Objects directly in your Web service implementation.

The Rational® SDP contains tools to create a skeleton Java™ bean from an existing WSDL. You can then interact with Integration Objects directly from this skeleton Java bean. Refer to Programming with Integration Objects to learn more. The one caveat is that you should use the processRequest () method to invoke the Integration Object in a Web services run time environment.

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