Recreating the problem

Think back to what steps you took that led you to the problem. Try those steps again to see if you can easily determine a repeatable sequence of events to recreate the error. If you can identify a repeatable test case, you will have an easier time determining what solutions are necessary to correct the problem. Ask these questions of yourself when approaching any error involving ZIETrans.
  • How did you first notice the problem?
  • Did you do anything different that made you notice the problem?
  • Is the process that is causing the problem a new procedure, or has it worked successfully before?
  • If this worked before what has changed? The change can refer to any type of change made to the system, ranging from adding new hardware or software, to configuration changes to existing software.
  • What was the first symptom of the problem you witnessed?
  • Were there other symptoms occurring around that point of time?
  • Does the same problem occur elsewhere?
  • Is only one machine experiencing the problem or are multiple machines experiencing the same problem?
  • What messages are being generated that could indicate what the problem is?