Starting the administrative console while in ZIETrans Toolkit

The ZIETrans administrative console can be started in ZIETrans Toolkit, using either Debug on Server or Run on Server mode.

To launch the ZIETrans administrative console for a particular project, right-click the project in the ZIETrans Projects view, and click Open Administrative Console.

If the project is not already running in a local test environment, then it is launched using Debug on Server mode and a Web browser page is opened to the administrative console URL.

If the project is already running using Run on Server mode, then a prompt is displayed that informs you that the server is not running in Debug mode. If you select the option, Continue in the current mode, the administrative console will open in Run on Server mode.

For more information about running in different test modes see Testing modes for Web projects in ZIETrans Getting Started.

The runtime settings you change when running the administrative console in the ZIETrans Toolkit depends on which mode you are using. For more information, see Administering problem determination components.