Apply transformation action

If you decide to apply a transformation as an action of this screen event, for ZIETrans Web projects you can select the transformation you want to apply from the drop-down list of transformations defined in the project.

For more information, see Working with transformations.

The Template field has the (default template) selected by default. Unless you select a different template to be applied with this particular transformation, the template that surrounds the transformation in the GUI is the template you specified as the default template for the project. The drop-down list contains all the templates defined in the project.

Click Immediate host keys if you want some host keys that the user presses to be sent to the host immediately instead of waiting until all actions have been performed. Select the check boxes of the keys that should be sent to the host immediately. If a host key is sent immediately, no other actions will occur. The immediate sending of these keys applies only to the current transformation, and not to all transformations in the project.

You can disable project-level and screen-level global rules processing by clearing the Apply project-level and screen-level global rules check box.