Automatic refresh

ZIETrans provides both client pull and server push functions for updating the client browser with asynchronous outbound data. See Automatic Disconnect and Refresh for details about these functions.

Use of these functions is another way to tune the ZIETrans screen-settling process. Whether you use these functions can be based on:
  • How your applications work with just tuning the screen-settling settings, if necessary.
  • Whether enabling Contention Resolution for TN3270E hosts is an option.
  • Whether portal, firewall, or other considerations would limit their use in your deployment.

Using either of these functions can enhance performance by enabling screen-settling times to be reduced, since missed updates can be refreshed on the client when they are received at the application server. Several default screen-settling settings are changed when the server push (applet) function is configured and running on a client. See Table 2 and Table 1 for more information about these settings.