Using a self-signed certificate

Use the following procedures to create and use a self-signed certificate:
  1. On the IBM® Key Management window, under Key database content, select Personal Certificates from the drop-down list.
  2. Click New Self-signed.
  3. Enter the key label to identify the key and certificate within the database.
  4. Select X509 V3 as the certificate version.
  5. Select the number corresponding to the key size you want to use. Choosing a larger key size results in stronger security, but requires more processing on the client and the server to establish a connection.
  6. Enter the common name (TCP/IP host name) of the server that owns the certificate, for example,
  7. Enter an organization name.
  8. Optionally enter an organization unit, and other location information.
  9. Select a country code.
  10. Enter the number of days the self-signed certificate is to be valid.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Copy the key database file to the Enterprise Archive (.ear file) for deployment. If the Enterprise Archive is running, stop and restart it.