Combining output from multiple applications

This example assumes that output data, whether contiguous or noncontiguous as defined above, originates from multiple host applications. These host applications can be located on the same host system or different host systems.

To gather data from multiple host applications, you can use ZIETrans Integration Objects and ZIETrans support for background connections to multiple host applications. Integration Objects are Java™ beans that encapsulate interactions with a host application. They are generated from ZIETrans macros and can be driven by Model 1 Web pages.

For each host application, create a background connection and connect, disconnect, and data macros. Create the data macros to accept the appropriate input, navigate through the screens of the application, and extract the data you want to display for the user. From each data macro, generate an Integration Object. From one of the Integration Objects, generate Model 1 Web pages that will pass input to the Integration Object and display the output extracted by the Integration Object. Then edit the output Web page and use the ZIETrans tool to Insert Integration Objects Properties to run the other Integration Objects and add their output to the same Web page. While editing the output Web page you can organize the output from the multiple Integration Objects (that is, from the multiple host applications) in any way you like to combine the data for display to the user. For information about using ZIETrans Integration Objects, see Using Integration Objects. For information about defining ZIETrans connections, see Managing connections.