Print settings for 3270E connections

For 3270E connections, the default print settings are for Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). If you are using PDF, in the Adobe PDF File Properties section you can select the paper size, page orientation, and font you want to use for printing jobs. The list of fonts from which you can select depends on the code page setting for the connection you are using. See Language support for more information about code page.

To specify other, non-default, print settings you can use the Initialize section and the Name/Value table.

Use the Initialize button to add a starter set of print settings into the Name/Value table based on the printing scenario you select from the drop-down box. Three printing scenarios are supplied as starter sets. The scenarios and the print settings they generate are:
  • Default printing (Adobe PDF format)
    Name Value
    printDestination false
    printMimeType application/pdf
    printSaveAsExtension .pdf
    separateFiles true
    useAdobePDF true
    usePDT false
    useWindowsPrinter false
  • Basic text files (Plain text format)
    Name Value
    PDTFile /pdfpdt/basic.hodpdt
    printDestination false
    printMimeType text/plain
    printSaveAsExtension .txt
    separateFiles true
    useAdobePDF false
    usePDT true
    useWindowsPrinter false
  • Direct to server-attached default Windows printer (Web-only)


    Name Value
    printDestination true
    useAdobePDF false
    usePDT false
    useWindowsDefautlPrinter true
    useWindowsPrinter true

Using the Initialize button is optional. If values exist in the table when the button is clicked, a warning message that the current settings will be replaced is issued. You can click to continue or cancel.

You can enter your own print settings, or modify settings already in the table using the Add, Edit, and Remove buttons. Clicking the Add button will present a combo box listing all of the supported settings from the list of WebSphere® Host On-Demand printer settings.

For example to have more control over 3270E PDF print output you can add the following settings:
Characters per inch. Specifies the number of characters printed per inch. On a Windows platform, three choices (10, 12, and 17) are available. The default value is 10.
Lines per inch. Specifies the number of lines per inch. On a Windows platform, five choices (2, 3, 4, 6, and 8) are available. The default value is 6.
Maximum characters per line. Specifies the maximum number of characters per line, also called the Maximum Print Position or the Maximum Presentation Position (MPP). Enter a value from 1 to 255. The default value is 80.
Maximum lines per page. Specifies the maximum number of lines per page, including the top and bottom margins. This value is also called Maximum Page Length (MPL). Enter a value from 1 to 255. The default value is 66.
Printing right-to-left files. Specify "true" to print a file as it appears on a RTL screen. The default is "false."
  1. Printing to a default Windows printer attached to the WebSphere Application Server is supported only by ZIETrans Web applications.
  2. ZIETrans 3270E printing does not support the Transparency command for sending unprocessed print data in the print job.
  3. For more information about Japanese JIS2004 support, see JIS2004 support for PDT printing and Print-to-File for 3270E sessions.

See Defining print support for your project for more information.