Contention resolution (TN3270E only)

Contention resolution, as defined in the latest draft of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) TN3270E protocol standard (RFC2355), and available on many TN3270E servers, helps overcome limitations in the conversion of the SNA protocol of the host to the Telnet protocol of the clients. Using contention resolution improves the performance of TN3270E clients, including ZIETrans.

The use of contention resolution is negotiated during connection setup, between the Telnet client in ZIETrans (the HACL Telnet client) and the TN3270E server. If ZIETrans successfully negotiates contention resolution with the TN3270E server, communication is more efficient, resulting in fewer delays interacting with host systems. By default, ZIETrans attempts to negotiate contention resolution with any 3270-based host system defined with the TN3270E host type.