Creating a connection

The Create a Connection wizard enables you to create more connection configurations. To access this wizard, you can use the pop-up menu in the ZIETrans Projects view, either the ZIETrans > New > Connection or the File > New > ZIETrans Connection selection on the menu bar, or the Create a ZIETrans Connection icon on the toolbar.

The Create a Connection wizard appears and enables you to select the target project from a drop-down list, name the connection, give it a description, and see where the connection definition is saved. Click Next when you have specified these items.

The Connection Settings page appears next. The wizard requires basic connection information such as host name, port, terminal type, code page and screen size. For details about these settings see Basic.

You can also specify some advanced connection settings using this wizard. The advanced connection settings that are shown depend on your connection type. If your connection is 5250, you can configure the workstation ID. If you use a 3270E connection, you can configure the LU or pool name. There is no workstation ID or LU setting support for 5250W, 3270, or VT connections. For details about these settings see Advanced.